Have you ever wondered how Google Assistant works and gives the accurate results you search for in your smartphones? How do Siri and Alexa play each song you command?  How does your daily news feed get updated on Facebook? At one moment this all seems like magic or a miracle to us, but it’s not exactly that. The answers to these questions are artificial intelligence! So what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is the art of making machines and robots with the help of science and engineering that works on their knowledge or the command given by humans. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can build such machines that possess the ability to perform any intellectual task that a human being cannot. Artificial intelligence has made the life of humans, so easy that now we can do any heavy work with less time and money.


Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in car industries, healthcare, robotics, marketing, business analytics, transportation and many more.

Have you ever seen a self-driving car or autopilot feature in commercial flights? This is also gifted by artificial intelligence. You sit in the car and the car automatically drops you at your destination.

When we are on tour or in new a city, how do we find our location? Yes, by Google maps!

Are you on Facebook? Have you ever thought about how your friends tag or identify you? On this platform, artificial intelligence is used for face verification where machine learning and deep learning concepts are used.

Another recent example is Twitter’s AI where artificial intelligence is used to identify the hate tweets and terroristic language and the same knowledge is used as mentioned earlier.

You want to withdraw money from your bank account. You enter your pin and the amount of money you want, and it finally comes. The ATM gives the exact amount of money you entered and this also happens because of artificial intelligence courses.

Artificial intelligence courses


You probably have observed many science fiction movies in which we see the machines and robots taking over humans. Well, in today’s times, we can’t predict whether it is true or not. But we can say what we are going to see in the next few years gifted by artificial intelligence. So let’s see the future!

Have you heard of or seen the humanoid robot Sophia? She almost looks like a human and speaks like one. This is just a start! In the future, we all will have a personal Sophia, who will do all our tasks, and of course, she would be more than just a friend for us.

In security and the military, robots will play a significant role. They will be used as firefighters since there will be bomb diffusing robots and soldier robots on the borders.

In the present, there are not too many autonomous vehicles on the road. But in the future, there will be only self-driving vehicles running so the possibility of accidents would be lessened.

Sometimes when we go to a medical store for medicines, the pharmacist gives us the wrong medication. But in a few years, you will see a robot as a doctor or pharmacist prescribing you the right medication.  

When we hear the news on television, we see human anchors reading the story. But in the future, you will see robots reading the news and they will also be used in advertisements and in the film industry.

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