Robots are machines that are supposed to ease the work of human beings. A robot is supposed to manipulate, move, pick, put, and destroy objects. Robots do not get bored because of doing the assigned jobs for them. You may also have heard about robotics. Many people think that robots and robotics are the same. Though, robots and robotics are quite similar but not exactly the same. Robotics is a branch of artificial intelligence technology and robots are machines as mentioned above.


Artificial intelligence is a technology through which decision-making ability is performed by the machines. Technologies vary like machine learning, data science, deep learning, etc. Is the intelligence functional on the machines? We know that, it doesn’t matter how many new and advanced technologies we use, but we are sure that we cannot make the machines think exactly like a human being. With the help of machine learning and data science, we attempt to make the machines think like a human being to some extent.

How does human think? Humans have neurons in their brain, which transmits the information throughout the body. But machines do not have neurons so that it is difficult for them to follow the same procedure. So, artificial neurons are developed for the machines to make them think. A network of artificial neurons is formed in the machines. Through this network, all the data and information are transmitted in the machines. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in robotics.


Since artificial intelligence technology has been introduced in the market, many people think that both robotics and artificial intelligence are the same. But there are some differences between them as listed below.





In general, models or machines which are made through artificial intelligence technology works in the computer world.

Usually, models or machines made through robotics work in the real world.

Inputs that are given to the machines are in the form of rules and symbols.

Inputs for robots are provided in analog signals. Analog signals are in the form of images or waveforms.

Machines with this technology require computers for functioning.

Machines require special hardware consists of effectors as well as sensors.




Artificial Intelligence courses


How can we define intelligence in a machine? The intelligence of a machine can be defined as a blender of factors which are listed below.

  • Reasoning
  • Learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Perception
  • Linguistic intelligence


The intelligence of a machine is categorized based on the type of a job. Different types of intelligence jobs are listed below.

  • Linguistic intelligence (orators, narrators)
  • Musical intelligence (Musicians, composers, singers)
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence (scientists, mathematicians)
  • Spatial intelligence (Map readers, physicists, astronauts)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (dancers, players)
  • Intra-personal intelligence (Gautam Buddha)
  • Interpersonal intelligence (Interviewers, mass communicators)


Artificial intelligence courses, machine learning, data science, and all these technologies are interrelated to each other. Currently, they have an increasing importance in the market. This is the best career option for students with a technical background. Many courses are available about these technologies so, students with an interest can go for them.

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