Is machine learning a threat or boon to the people?

Machine learning is generally defined as the ability of an artificial system to learn in a human-like manner from large sets of data and perform applications without explicit programming. The main use of machine learning is to process higher amounts of data than a normal human being. Learning from this data, the machine learning algorithms can identify patterns in the data, create subgroups and help various professionals in making better decisions.

The growing concept of technology has engulfed the entire world and one cannot imagine a tomorrow without technology and artificial intelligence. Imagine waking up to a world where you cannot “google” the best restaurants. Strange, isn’t it?


The direct interpretation of the word “machine learning” would be that machines have the capability of learning just like human beings. Well, this isn’t completely false. Just like a baby learns to walk, read, write, and comprehend, it continues doing so with past experience. Similarly, when machines are given a set of instructions and they enact it, it becomes a part of past experience and gets stored in the memory. This is called machine learning. When the computer is inputted with various formulas, it forms an algorithm, and stores the memory in its database. So, machine learning is not only learning the concept, but also gaining the experience of doing that job.

Machine Learning courses

Every day, a big part of the nation is at the mercy of machine learning and artificial intelligence and not many of us are even aware of it. If you’ve ever browsed movie suggestions on Amazon Prime or asked Alexa to play your favorite song, you’ve probably been interacting with machine learning for a very long time. The main objective of machine learning is to make people believe that the computer is calling the shots and convinces us to believe that the machines possess human intelligence. For example: programming a computer to not only pick up waste, but also segregating it into wet and dry waste or programming a computer to not only read a story but also exhibit human emotions while reading the story.

A large part of the population considers machine learning as a threat to humans and their jobs. They are of the opinion that if everything is mechanized and based on artificial intelligence, robots and computers will soon replace humans in their jobs. On the contrary, the upcoming machine learning doesn’t make our jobs obsolete. This doesn’t propagate machine vs. humans. On the contrary, it propagates the idea of machine and human vs. problem.


Machine learning courses enables us to do more work in less amounts of time and also eliminates the repetitive tasks of your job while you focus on more important aspects of the job. Owing a lot to movies and books, artificial intelligence gives us an idea of a virtual fantasy world where we expect flying cars and robots everywhere, but that clearly isn’t the case. Very soon, artificial intelligence will become less artificial and more intelligent.

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