Machine learning- Algorithms that help a system learns automatically

As technology has advanced, we have developed systems and machines more efficient, productive and capable than ever before. We have advanced our systems to the level that they have the ability to learn on their own without needing explicit commands or supervision. The system that can learn on their own are based on different sets of algorithms that help them understand the labels, identify the patterns and improvise further or sometimes even draw valuable conclusions at a very fast pace that would take a normal human way more time and effort. That’s why machine learning is a great leap ahead for future advancement and efficiency that are required to move further.

Based on labeling and various other factors, machine learning algorithms are broadly classified as:

Supervised machine learning algorithm– This system uses labels and classified information to draw a further conclusion or to provide certain inferences. The datasets are used to analyze and are classified and labeled based on certain factors which helps the system through the algorithm to draw any kind of inference. That’s why it is termed as supervised machine learning because the data getting analyzed is labeled and classified which in turn helps in providing a more accurate inference.

Unsupervised machine learning algorithm- Contrary to the supervised machine learning algorithm, the unsupervised algorithm does not use classified or labeled data to draw conclusions or for analysis. Instead, it tries to describe the hidden structure or patterns based on the exploration and regarding the extreme measure or noticing the odd one out which helps the unsupervised system with the data.


Reinforcement machine learning algorithm- It’s basically an algorithm learning method that is based on trial and error or the feedback upgrades. To put in other words, according to the reinforcement learning method, when a dataset is provided inferences or analyses are drawn out of it based on the objective, there is a certain inaccuracy where you modify the system and it remembers and improves over time. So, basically this method depends on the feedback after the output is delivered. If you say it’s right, then it records that and if it’s not, it improvises.

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Difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence

Though people tend to confuse the terms and substitute them, it’s not accurate because machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence, but it is not the artificial intelligence due to certain reasons: Artificial intelligence has intelligence on its own like the human brain. We can analyze, understand, and draw conclusions even with things that we have not exclusively known while on the other hand machine learning is just an algorithm to understand certain patterns.

In machine learning, algorithms are taught about certain things and labels and they are the things that we can draw analysis or inferences through. On the other hand, artificial intelligence has thinking and understanding of its own, which helps it predict better. Machine learning courses is a great advancement in our technology which helps us to draw inferences of a large amount of data with accuracy and fewer efforts.

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