The process of machine learning was introduced by Arthur Samuel, an American pioneer, in 1959. As in this era, technology is improving day by day and to cope with this technology, machine learning cannot be ignored.

Machine learning is an organ of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for interpreting and decoding some specific things like a human brain. It includes pre-defined, but huge amounts of data that anticipate the futuristic events based on the same data.

As we know, machine language has three basic parts: input, algorithms, and output.

Basically, there are three types of classifications of machine learning:

1) SUPERVISED LEARNING: It refers to the utilization of already available data for a new model and obtaining a new response or result based on the known information.

2) UNSUPERVISED LEARNING: In this category, the data is not known or labeled; therefore, it performs more difficult processing tasks since data is not exactly known to the software.

3) REINFORCEMENT LEARNING: This is the & “least used classification type of machine learning” This type of learning is based on rewards for taking a particular action in a specific scenario.


For understanding machine learning in a simpler way, some instances are automatic driven google cars, Alexa, recommendation engines from Facebook, Amazon etc.

Machine Learning courses

Machine learning has its pros and cons:


NON-INTERFERENCE OF HUMANS: Since it is comprised of software processing and artificial intelligence, humans do not have to work as hard.

BROAD APPLICABILITY: This new technology is what humans find attractive, so technology adapters are adopting this technology greatly.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Machine learning gives more personal experience to consumers like Google Assistant.


TIME-CONSUMING: Sometimes, it may take more time to bring expected outputs so it may be time-consuming too.

RESOURCES: For the availability of machine learning in the human environment, it requires a lot of resources to function in an appropriate way. Specific services might not be provided properly due to various reasons like malfunctioning software.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and AI is machine language in which computers, software and various other devices perform.

Examples of machine learning that we use every day and perhaps have no idea that they are driven/ induced by machine language:

  • ·         Virtual Personal Assistant like Alexa and Google
  • ·         Forecast while communicating like traffic predictions
  • ·         Social media service like face recognition
  • ·         E-mail spam and malware filtering
  • ·         Online customer support
  • ·         Online fraud detection are you a student or a professional who want to make big in Machine Learning? The machine learning course will show the way to achieve your goals. Inculcate the knowledge of Machine Learning and have a bright future along with the high pay package, promotions and stability in a job.


There are many things that a machine learning courses can help students to achieve. Taking this course helps you understand the different algorithms that can be used. Since a lot of data is involved, it helps when one is well trained.

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