Types of Machine learning and its uses

As we are moving along rhythmically towards a more technologically advanced world, we can see many developments that we previously could only imagine. This is where machine learning comes in. We are already living in a world of artificial intelligence that is easing and simplifying our methods of life, transforming means of travel, work or communication. It is also impacting the decisions we make. So, as we can see, the future of machines stands enormous. What is machine learning? Machine learning courses is one of the elements of artificial intelligence whereby a system is programmed in such a way that it is able to self-learn or teach and improve its performance of an assigned task. Machine learning assists in analyzing big data as the management of big data can be time-consuming. Another feature is to make correct predictions by extracting the information automatically and to convert a piece of incorrect information to a correct one by learning from that in the future.


Worldwide famous platforms like Google, Amazon, and Netflix uses machine learning to provide the best viewer experience. Now how does it do that? On the basis of algorithms, it analyzes a user’s behavior in terms of what a user searches, their viewing history or purchases to foretell what a particular user is looking for and what they are interested in. Let us look at an example on Netflix. When a user views a particular show on Netflix, then Netflix provides various recommendations on the basis of what genre it is that a user watches. If a user is watching a crime genre, then the user will be recommended shows of crime genres. Similarly, with Amazon, when a user is searching for a particular section of clothing, then he will be recommended similar tastes that make it easier for the user to select and purchase. These are just two examples of how machine learning operates and there are many more platforms that use machine learning. More than 3.5 billion internet searches a day are made and stored and without the help of machine learning, analyzing such large numbers would clearly be impossible. This has proven the wonders in the world of the internet.

machine learning courses

Types of Machine Learning

Machine learning is broadly classified into 3 major tasks:

Supervised Learning: In this, the training data is considered to be a teacher because the algorithm learns from the training data set and gives the result to it and a correction is made continuously by the training data and this process continues until the algorithm reaches an acceptable performance level.

Unsupervised Learning: The command data can be unstructured or not labeled and so it becomes difficult in classifying data into different categories. This is where unsupervised learning comes in to help solve this. The goal of this learning is that it clusters the data and focuses on recognizing groups having similar records and also helps in record labeling as per the group they belong to.


Reinforcement Learning: In this process, an agent is placed in a selective environment where it learns performing actions along with seeing the rewards it gets from an action performed. Unlike supervised learning, this learning doesn’t have any predicted output. Since this learning has no training data set, it is compelled to learn from its own experience.

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