The fear and anxiety that loom as a package as a result of unemployment and job loss is very difficult to handle. And when you work or aspire to work in machine learning and related fields, this fear triples tenfold. The fear of automation, of jobs being stolen by machines and of humans becoming slaves to machines are not completely unfounded but they are not entirely true. So, here are a few points which highlight why the future is not as dark and bleary as it seems and what to do to tackle these predicaments before they present themselves. The points are as follows:


While there are some professions at risk, machine learning is an ever evolving and dynamic field which undergoes innovation at a very fast rate. Given this rapid rate of innovation, machine learning will also create many new jobs. So, no unemployment is not the future. According to many sources, machine learning is set to create a record number of jobs. So, set your worries aside. There will always be tasks that can be accomplished only by humans and jobs that can be managed only by humans. After all, machines need direction from humans from time to time.


Of course, with innovation the short-term effect may include unemployment, but in the long run, it is going to create many jobs. What is required here to sustain oneself and emerge victorious in the long run is adaptability. One must constantly work on honing acquired skills and build upon them and update oneself with the new skills in the market. In the end, skillset is what discovers each one of us. If you keep yourself updated and learn the new skill set well enough, there is nothing stopping you. Unemployment might be a minor obstacle in your path.


In order to tackle a situation where you might be confronted with unemployment, all you need to do is to keep on investing in yourself. Keep on re-training and educating yourself. This is the perhaps the most efficient way out there to combat any future unemployment. There are many courses available online that not only provide certification but also help one to connect and work in jobs all around the world. This would be a holistic approach and would ultimately help in the overall development.


Some studies put forth that unemployment might not be the biggest enemy in the future of automation. What will emerge us as the villain is the need for people to switch jobs which, if they would not have the required skill set would be problematic. Thus, it is essential to be in line with the new requirements of the market. This can be achieved only when one is updated and well-versed with new skill sets that crop up as a result of innovation and automation.

To conclude, while the future seems scary, there are a lot of solutions which are being tried and tested to ensure better standard of living for all.


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